Endodontic Microsurgery (Apicoectomy)

For most patients, root canal treatment will allow them to save their teeth for many years. However, in some instances, an additional procedure called an apicoectomy is necessary to resolve an infection associated with a tooth.

An apicoectomy is a microsurgical procedure that removes the tip (apex) of the tooth's root. The procedure involves careful numbing to ensure the patient is comfortable. Next, a small opening is made in the gum tissue by an endodontist. After the opening is created in the gums, the apex of the root is removed along with any infection that surrounds the root. Usually, a filling is placed in the end of the root to seal the root canal space. Dr. Crepps will place sutures (stitches) so that the area heals well.

Apicoectomies typically only occur in teeth that have already undergone root canal treatment. Sometimes, an endodontist may do a second root canal treatment (retreatment) before recommending an apicoectomy.

Please read our post-operative instructions form for our recommendations after the treatment is completed.