Dr. Crepps and Team are exemplary! The best patient care and technical expertise I have ever experienced. JT is a phenomenal professional, who is a master Endodontist.


From Our Patients

This review is for those of you who cringe when you hear the words "root canal". Fear no more. I just completed one with Dr. Crepps and his staff and would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. Dr. Crepps has a calming demeanor, a caring nature, a desire to make sure that you are fully aware of the process and the steadiest hands for the job. I can honestly say that I did not experience any PAIN during or after the procedure. In fact I came home from my appointment yesterday and ate some lunch because my cheek, tongue and lip were not numb from the medicine. I am confident that you will feel the same as I do if you just give them a chance. - Sandra

I did not know that a root canal could be so painless! Dr. Crepps was excellent--very kind, explained each step, gave me my options, etc. The equipment that was used for my procedure was pretty amazing--state of the arts! The assistant was very professional, kind, and helpful. I hope I never need another root canal--but if I do, I will have a lot less anxiety about it. Highly recommend this group and Dr. Crepps. - Connie

I’ve had two procedures done with Dr. Crepps. I experienced no pain or discomfort during or afterward the procedures. If you ever need serious work done on your teeth, this is by far the best place in town to have it done. I highly recommend them! - John

I was so worked up and nervous about my root canal, but it was all for nothing. There was no pain whatsoever, Dr. Crepps was fantastic. Would highly recommend them!! -Tyler

AMAZING staff! I was in severe pain and my apportionment wasn’t for a couple more days. I was in so much pain I didn’t think I could make it. Called them and they had me come right down and squeezed me in and helped me. Can’t thank them enough for their service! -Joey

I had the best dental experience. The office is beautiful and every single staff member was so genuine and friendly. Dr. Crepps was wonderful. Glad to find such a great dental office! - Emily


I needed a root canal and Dr. Crepps was fantastic. He was very informative and gentle. I had zero discomfort with the procedure. His assistant was very caring and thoughtful. - Cindy


Dr. JT was very patient and explained in detail with options which I was very Thankful. (Made my Day). Staff were very helpful and explained procedures thoroughly. Thank you. - Irene


Root canals are not fun and I rather be spending my time doing anything else. That being said the staff made me feel at ease and the experience quite pleasant if that's possible. Dr. Joseph Crepps did a fantastic job and also saved me money by being able to save the crown. The procedure required two visits to complete with very little post operative discomfort. If I should need another root canal in the future, I would not hesitate to contact Apex for any further care and treatment. Thanks! -Patrick


I had a root canal performed yesterday, no pain today they did a follow up with me by phone and absolutely nice people. Dr. Crepps did and awesome job! You guys ROCK! - Andre


Dr. Crepps and his team....Amazing, professional, compassionate, gentle, friendly and super clean !! I recently had to have a root canal. Never had one before, but only have heard about pain and awful experiences. All I can say, is that I had "no" pain. Even the evening of and the day after I did not have any discomfort. I only had a very, very minor discomfort with the initial numbing shot but not even anything to mention. Dr. Crepps is extremely gentle and I am so fortunate that my dental office recommended his practice for the root canal. I was relieved that my experience was not too much more than a teeth cleaning. His staff is professional, friendly and top notch. I highly recommend. Have no fear, you are in good hands! - Robyn


Dr. Crepps and his staff were fantastic. And this is from a guy that hates going to the dentist. Every part of the visits went so smooth. Dr Crepps attention and communications during the whole process of two root canals kept me at ease. His staff made me feel comfortable during the process and portrayed a confidence that could only be maintained through experience and a real desire to care for people. Thank you Dr Crepps and everyone on your staff for the care you showed me. - Rick


Dr. J.T. Crepps did a fantastic job with my root canal- personalized services and professionalism is their forte! - Winnie


Outstanding experience with this dental business! From beginning to end five stars, in fact just now as I am writing this they called me to follow up on how I was feeling after having a painless root canal the day before. Superb customer service!! - Lee


Y'know going to the dentist to get work done is generally not thought of fondly. Me I don't mind going to the dentist at all simply because I want to stay healthy and getting my teeth taking care helps keep me on a good healthy lifestyle and I look for a health care provider that shares that same concept. I will say some of the things I look for when being treated is how they deal with their patients, staff, along with how knowledgeable and personable the office is. Dr. Crepps performed a root canal recently and the care I received was simply terrific, they explained everything I was going to encounter, checked on my comfort, were professional throughout my visits and I was witness to a degree of teamwork that was simply "top drawer". Actually I see a star rating with five being the best... Am I allowed to award them a six?! THANK YOU DR. CREPPS AND STAFF!! - Richard


I have an extremely hard time in the dental chair. My anxiety before and during dental procedures makes it hard to sit through just about anything. I was made comfortable from the moment I walked into Apex. The staff was gentle and compassionate, and did everything they could to make sure I had the best experience possible. The oral sedation I had helped me feel very relaxed, and the warm cozy blanket was a nice touch to provide comfort through the procedure. I would 10/10 recommend this office, especially Dr. Crepps who was kind enough to call and check on me hours after my emergent root canal. - Poppy


After a week of terrible tooth pain, my dentist got me on to Dr. Crepps. The office called twice and moved my appointment closer since they knew I was in pain. Was greeted very friendly by the staff and escorted to the back where they diagnosed which tooth was causing the pain. Dr. came in and discussed my options and did not try to persuade me either way. I chose a root canal. For a root canal it was a pleasurable experience as far as the numbing wasn't painful, doc explained every step he did and always asked if I was okay and no pain. He and his assistant were very polite as he asked for the utensils for the surgery. After the surgery he went over all the post op directions and made sure I understood. Before I left the office he was sure to tell me if I had any problems or questions to call his cell phone. This morning after the surgery doctor called me to see how I was and again reassuring me to call if anything changes! If anyone ever has to have any endodontic work done, I would definitely recommend this office! - Sharlene


I had a great experience with the staff and will make them my endodontic provider from this point forward. They explained the procedure before and during which made me feel very confident and at ease that I was being well taken care of. The staff is absolutely phenomenal at providing a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience. Great job! - Rochelle


Had a dental emergency, they were able to get me in right away. Called frequently to check up on me and followed the situation closely and answered all of my questions. - Matt


Dr. Crepps and Team are exemplary! The best patient care and technical expertise I have ever experienced. JT is a phenomenal professional, who is a master Endodontist. - Elmer


I was nervous going into my appointment since I’d never had a root canal before. Immediately the staff put me at ease. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and professional. The office was very clean and modern. Dr. Crepps explained my treatment options and I went forward with the root canal. I can honestly say it was the most painless and easy dental procedure I’ve ever had. He explained what he was doing throughout the procedure and frequently checked to make sure I was comfortable. - Mikal


Like many, I had concerns about having a root canal. All those concerns vanished when I went to Dr. Crepps and his staff. They were extremely courteous and professional. Dr. Crepps took me through a very thorough and calm process and it was painless. I could tell that once finished, that tooth would probably never give me problems again. In fact that tooth and it's root canal will probably last much longer than I will. Great job Dr. Crepps and staff. I would use their services again with no hesitation. I recommend them for any dental work. - Mary


I had a root canal done. Dr. Crepps was very professional and friendly. They checked on me and addressed all my questions. I do not want another root canal, but I would go back to them if I had to have one. - David


My experience was a root canal with 2 visits. The office staff was very kind and knowledgeable and Dr. Crepps was amazing. He made me feel comfortable and very relaxed. I am never comfortable when it comes to any kind of Dentists but this experience was good. I would recommend this office and especially Dr. Crepps if you need a Dental Specialist. - Carmen


By far the best dental care I have received in my 46 years on this earth. I have had root canals, implants, and general dental care all across this country. Dr. Crepps and the staff ensured this nervous wreck was comfortable and explained each step of the process. He even gave me his personal cell phone number in the event I had any problems or questions. Thank you all for making this a pleasant experience. - Steven


HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND- I have never had a better dental experience. I went for a 2nd opinion on getting what would have been my first root canal. Modern diagnostic testing; a listening, non-rushed dentist/endodontist actually listened to my symptoms, made eye contact with me as we spoke (w/o my mouth all garbled while simultaneously being examined), and did a thorough physical exam. The end result was: I didn't need a root canal afterall! He diagnosed me w/ myofascial pain from tension- hello, pandemic times, right? A much easier fix. Then, called and a few days later, to see if I felt better. It's so nice to have someone care about my teeth w/o drilling unnecessarily into them. Yay for happy teeth and good dentists. Highly highly recommend. (And I only if rarely do reviews). - Cristina


I was referred to an endodontist for a complex issue with a tooth and likely root canal, today was my first visit and I have not had a previous root canal. I was very impressed. As an analytic person I wanted to fully understand everything about the procedure options etc. 1) The dental assistant was great. She answered all my general questions while initial scans were being taken etc. 2) The dentist (JT Crepps) then came in to discuss my specific case, and went through in detail exactly what was wrong with the tooth and went through a series of options. 3) I came in to the office fully expecting to spend a couple K or more on a root canal and associated procedures. He could have easily walked away with the money, but based on his analysis and our discussion, we determined a referral for a different procedure would be better. In short, the whole office was friendly, professional, and appeared to be looking out for my best interest even when it was not in their best financial interest. - John


I was referred to Dr. Crepps by my prosthodontist who indicated that a problem tooth probably needed a root canal. I unfortunately have more experience than most in root canal treatment since I suffered an accident affecting my mouth area years ago. So I have points of comparison. Dr. Crepps gets an A+ and I was comfortable the whole process. He was a thoughtful communicator and told me what he was doing every step of the process. The technology was really impressive and I was shown high detail 3D images of the before and after and he used this to explain what was going on and what to expect. His staff including the business side and the medical assistants were great. I arrived very apprehensive about the procedure and the whole team was geared to making it as comforting as possible. Today is the "morning after" and the tooth area feels pleasantly normal. I very rarely leave reviews but in this case I was so pleased by Dr. Crepps and team I want to share my experience with others who need help with endodontic issues. - John


The entire staff was very friendly and truly concerned with the problem that I was experiencing with a tooth. Dr. Crepps did a thorough examination and gave me a couple of options on how to handle this issue. I chose the root canal. He made sure I was as comfortable as possible through the whole procedure. The procedure went very well with minimal discomfort. He made sure that I had all of my concerns or questions answered when it was over. He even phoned me at the end of the day to make sure I was doing alright. Which I was. I finally felt good and was without pain. I would recommend Dr. Crepps and staff to a friend or family member. - Darren


Just recently, had a very painful experience with a lower molar and was sent for the root canal. Dr.Crepps and his staff treated me like I was their best patient! (I am super sensitive and basically a big baby when it comes to being in The Chair) Their attention to my care, comfort, and treatment went above and beyond my expectations! Even the office atmosphere was very relaxing with the simple decor and music. My procedure needed two appointments - and aside from having to deal with “part two”, I really didn’t mind going back so much - yeah, they really do make it that pleasant! The whole office! Just delightful! -Anonymous


Always super nice and helpful! Definitely recommend. -Marlayna


I visited Dr. Crepps for an emergency root canal. He was able to see me right away and his staff was very friendly. They were great with pain management and I would definitely visit them again if I need to. - Darrell


Every person, from the first call to the last wave as I left, was so incredibly nice! They made me feel comfortable so my dental anxiety was under control. The doctor and staff walked me through every step to help ease my fears. They didn’t charge me for dental work I didn’t need which was a huge deal to me the week before Christmas!! They fixed my tooth pain and even called to check on me. It was honestly the best dental experience I’ve ever had! Thank you Dr. Crepps and team I would recommend this facility to anyone...everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!! - Mary


Dr Crepps and his assistant were awesome. Getting a root canal done can be stressful but they put you completely at ease, with little or no pain. I highly recommend Dr Crepps! - Deanna


I was nervous about going and potentially having to have a root canal, but everyone was so kind! From the moment I walked in and throughout my time with Dr. Crepps, everyone took the time to listen to me and really hear what I was saying. Dr. Crepps has great bedside manner and always told me what he was going to do before he started. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone! - Alyson


I am absolutely terrified of the dentist, have been for many years. However, Dr. Crepps, and his staff, were absolutely amazing. They explain everything they are planning to do before they do it, from X-rays to just examining your teeth. I really appreciated this. I felt safe and comfortable sitting in a dentist chair for the first time in over 20 years. Thank you all for your hard work and compassion. - Shelly


Awesome dental office, went in for an exam on a specific tooth, Dr Crepps did a great job explaining everything to me, recommend! - Carmen

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